Caramel nuit

 Caramel nuit is a firm that distributes its products throughout Europe. Our future vision characterizes us. We use technology increasingly innovative with which it is drawn up and updated all our gender. The secret of manufacturing are fabrics with exclusive premium design and a wide range of textures and finishes.

We have prices fully customized for wholesale.




All experiences offered Caramel nuit revolve around our two main products: corset and lingerie. Both designed to enhance the figure of the woman, especially her curve, the most sensual and attractive attribute.


Caramel nuit is a brand concerned about reinvent the pleasure, a brand with a collection of products designed for the couple. We believe that experience is very important and why we have designed a series of sets that revolve around our two product lines and are accompanied by a series of accessories for give free rain to your imagination.


What are you looking for? fun, romanticism, seduction...

Just pick your set and imagine your moment. Don`t fall in routine.


For us the accessory is an added value which can not be relegated to the background, but rather it is what motivates our principal premise, experiences with your partner.

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